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ABBulkMailer is an email marketing program that allows you to send mass emails and promote your products. It allows you to send mails based on day and hour limit, to schedule personalized emails, to export contacts from text files and to grab email addresses from any website.

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    abobjects 3 years ago

    Great extractor, great twitter poster, great mailer.

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    abobjects 4 years ago
    Pros: best email extractor
    Cons: best email verifier

    Can be used to send direct mails free and fast.

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    Parvez Hakim 4 years ago
    Pros: It is marvellous
    Cons: It contains evey thing

    This tool helps you send out mail in bulk for your direct marketing efforts. This is a software tool that helps sending out bulk mail. In any business you need to do direct marketing. This is a tool which has some useful features that make it a good one. It will let you send out a large number emails over the regular mail systems like Gmai, MSN, Yahoo!, etc. You can use your own mail system too, of course. Scheduling the mail operations is possible with the tool so that you can send these out when it is most convenient. The first step in a direct marketing operation is to create a mail-list. This tool can help by the email extractor tool through which you can grab email addresses from any website/Google Search. You can import contacts from Gmail, Facebook, etc. Import of contacts through Excel is also possible. The software allows extractimg mails from craigslist, googlesearch, facebook. The mail can be text formatted or be in complete HTML format. Mail can be personalized, which is an absolute requirement these days! You can set daily and hourly limits so as not to violate any ISP imposed limits, if any. Large buttons for the functions available makes the interface very easy to use. Practically anyone should be able to run these marketing campaigns. A statistics display area tells you how many items are there on your list, how many mails servers are being used, how many pieces of mail went out on the given day, etc. A log area keeps you aware of what happened with each mail, how many succeeded and so on. This is a good business tool, if you needed one.

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